Affordably priced, honest I.T. service you can count on.

  1. We work on sick computers, we Fix Broken Technology - cell phones, Laptops, and Servers, and we do advanced network analysis, design and implementation.
  2. Upgrades - Most devices are designed to run for 3 - 5 years and be replaced. We can bring your equipment up to current standards.
  3. We provide support in your office or home.
  4. We provide remote support.
  5. We sell equipment.

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We respect your time. Please set up an appointment by:

  1. Calling 618 985-5455.
  2. -Or- Use our contact form.

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You may believe you have lost your data. Using our tools and software we can help.


For your Business or your home

Our solutions make sense because we tailor them to your needs. Regardless of the size of your project we have the right answer.

  1. Network Layout
  2. New or Existing Structure Networks
  3. Router implementations, we can include vpn's
  4. Microsoft Network Layouts using RRAS, DHCP, Domains, Workgroups, File Sharing, and Terminal Services.
  5. Wireless Implementations to span one room or entire buildings.