2021: Privacy and Computing

A few years ago I was reviewing Trend Micro’s antivirus platform. One of the great features of that platform was a social media privacy sweep. I thought that was great because it looked to see if the general public outside of those we choose as friends could see our personal information of various types. The software did great to reveal which information was visible and it helped to correct privacy issues.

Now with the strange new environment world wide, with emergency orders that were given based upon a pandemic that does not leave bodies in the streets; we have new regulations for masking. Additionally the vaccines for the “disease” must be wavered (you sign a waiver to state you release caregivers of any responsibility if bad things happen because you took the vaccine). There appears to be a push to have an identity card documenting you did take the vaccine. It is a huge loss of liberty.

Social platforms are now filtering our free speech. Elections are suspected for fraud. It is alleged that deep state has been using major tech to push disinformation through bought and paid for news outlets and social media platforms. For years the same big tech has been collecting your data and in the Eula’s you sign, they actually claim ownership over it. This is mainly social media, but consider retail chains that may be involved also. Example – Walmart tracks your purchases made with the same card that is tied to your account. Amazon is harvesting your consumer activity as well. ISPS are controlling your internet access and tracking your activity on their platforms. There is a lot to consider.

Even computing and telephone platforms are less than private. Just as windows 10 came into the picture free upgrades from windows 7 were being offered, even automatically pushed. Windows 10 has been crafted into a social media connected transparent platform that reports your every move to the cloud unless you turn the options off or opt out. That is a huge undertaking. Even with the best cleanup scripts I have found the process takes 45 minutes and still may not provide complete privacy. Android devices have to be tied to a google account and everything you do there can be tracked if you stick with the default load on the phone with no additional changes and use a google email address. I have been able to transfer this to a third party email account that google does not control but it was not easy. They still track every time I log in to google play store and what I look at search for and install. I am concerned that the applications from the various platforms are also sharing information coming from each device. If you are in doubt I can prove all of it. Set up an appointment time and I can show you how they do what they do. Apple phones and computers are also tied to an Apple ID that follows you from computer to phone. Their music platform and ease of use have been their strong suit that keeps you coming back. Fitbit has you even wearing bio-metric sensors in the name of personal improvement, health and fitness. My scans show they store your data on Facebook servers even in the absence of Facebook apps and accounts on the device where Fitbit is installed.

Another frightening example of this is that some or all of the above has even been leveraged to enforce the social standards that are challenging your personal liberties. The airport in Spokane Washington is now using LIDAR monitoring in combination with AI and facial recognition (accurate with a mask) to monitor and enforce social distancing at GATE 6. This is just the beginning. The privately held corporations that are members of this ROGUE technocracy with so much influence today are rolling out 5g to connect AI to all technology IoT and gain more control over your life right now. Facebook, Alexa, Cortana, Google are AI platforms that are already all around us in our phones, computers, smart devices, and cars. These run out of the cloud (internet). They store, access, and leverage your activity for marketing purposes (creepy) and they probably do much more with that information.

Why do we care if someone is looking at your personal information, activity, photos, personal travels, or current GPS location? Some say, its fine I have nothing to hide. I say privacy is a God given right. We have been tricked into becoming so relaxed with that in the name of convenience and ease of use benefits.

What if you have an issue with the knowledge that everything you do is recorded in the cloud? Can we enhance our privacy a little? Well. Yes. I have but I can tell you this is no easy task. If you are using Facebook, twitter, or other social platforms you are most likely addicted to them. There is a need to express yourself that seems healthy. That would be the first thing to get under control. You must decide what information you are willing to allow into the cloud. Set that privacy goal and create tasks that are going to move you towards your goal.

If anyone needs help with any of this please set up a a free consultation. I will help you determine how much and what you have to do to regain some privacy. I will quote you and if you want help I am more than happy to do what I can.

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