Password Test

There was all that madness around passwords. Remember? We all use them to access our computers, network resources, social accounts, banks, and various other sites we are tied into. Some used strong passwords and others did not. Lots of trust was lost when several organizations were hacked and the credentials you use were compromised. Yep. That happens. The information gets sold and you get spammed, attacked, and social engineered. The main aim of identity theft is to rob you blind using any methods possible.

Someone is paying attention to hacked corporations and has kept a record of the compromised companies that have given these criminals your information. It even tells you when the data was breached and what personally identifiable information was captured by the attackers.

The link below will provide access to that organization that has kept the records. If you would like to see if you are still using a secure password click the link below and test the password against their database of compromised passwords. If its on the list you should definitely change your password and lookinto enabling two factor authentication.