Another Happy Customer!

In a previous post I mentioned a customer with a Dell Mini Net Book that needed a virus removed.  That work was completed on Wednesday as planned.  Thursday I delivered to the customer.  It was a 36 mile ride to a farm setting.  They were lucky and did have high speed internet.

I always like to take my work in and talk through the problem, the repair, and what to do in the future.  A quality control thing is also making sure while I am there that they are oneline and can use their printer – etc.

I went to go onine and the wireless prompted for a key.  He did not know it so I got on his desktop system and logged into the Belkin router to extract the information. Things went very well I was done in about 10 minutes.

As I was leaving he shared with me the store on all of the cats roaming around.  I got the low down!  Don’t get me wrong though.  His home was clean and there was no signs of pets in the place.  But when you walk outside there were 6 young ones and 3 or 4 adults.  He recently retired and moved to the place.  When he and his wife arrived there were no cats.  After a week or so a stray came onto the property and they fed it.  She had 2 kittens.  One did not make it.  The other one just had a litter of 7 one was still born.  He said that there is a veterinary clinic close by that will have summer workers from the university.  He intends on taking all of the young cats and having them neutered.  The students charge $20 each which is a good deal.  And if you ask me a very good idea!

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