Sales of Merchandise with Midnight Tech – Made Easier??

April 20, 2022

I will make it possible in days to come to shop on this web site. I am presently working on a product descriptions page with a word processor style field that you can type in and request a quote. Once it is complete and looking nice, I will be able to have a very simple way of selling single items. After this I will connect with a supplier and update the product database to include all of their products, large and small. This will all be given to you at a reasonable price you probably can find elsewhere.

Once I am certain that is working the way it aught to, I will then complete your “my account” area where you will be able to view all of your previous purchase history. My previous applications did not meet my present security requirements so this goal is down the road a bit. The real issue I have is the secure storage of your password, email, address, and phone number. I need to implement encryption within my database for your PII data. Until that time I will not be allowing the general public to create accounts or log in unless it is a special circumstance.

I have studied the world of the internet and how people get attacked. I have determined I want to sell you things online. But I do not really want to accept payments online. You may mail payments in or hand them to me in person. I do run places to pickup payments. GAS??? Well, HOH running a 5.7 Hemi sounds very dangerous and cool. Lets try that!

What else can you do Mr. Barnes?

That’s top secret but let me tell you what my DAD told me. He looked at me one day and said, “You can fix anything”. What do I say? I am just a man. A GOD in heaven fearing man. I am not perfect. But I sure do try to help others and a lot of times I spend about 15 minutes before I do praying about it. So I give the glory of my successes to YAWE in Heaven. I take responsibility for my failures and seek to correct the ones that can be corrected.