May 6, 2022

US Mobile is quite possibly a cell phone provider you should avoid. In this post I will share the debacle I have experienced in seeking better phone service as I sought to move away from Straight Talk Wireless. US Mobile felt it was more profitable to charge me a restocking fee and use up hours of my valuable time rather than retain my business and correct the issue. I have worked diligently to accomplish moving services and I experienced a large amount of trouble. Such that if I had never began the effort I would have been better off. During all of this I have been professional, well spoken, and I was courteous. I feel the compartmentalization in these companies is to blame. This, their policies, and our in-action when trouble occurs allows it to continue. In this case the customer does not matter. US Mobile does not truly care about my experience.

In this post I will discuss the problems I have experience with Straight Talk Wireless and why I looked to US MOBILE for a solution. I will share exactly when the relationship began and how it progressed through time. I will be posting the financial and customer agreements on the timeline and make it simple for you to pull everything up so that it is easy to see what has gone on here.

It is sad on our earth today that private corporations, especially communication companies, prefer to treat their customers as a number and not an individual they value. They quickly charge fees and require you sign agreements that are one sided with no second thought about your experience.

In order to correct this failure today we as customers must make our experiences public. If we share just the facts that are true and provide supporting documents that cannot be refuted while upholding the truth in all things we will be helping everyone who reads it.

Check back in a few days to see more about this.