Hacks, Attacks, and your VOICE

Online CRIMINAL activity?

What is going on these days with spam, email and social media profile hijacking? Why is this such a thing? For a business this is a big deal! I keep mentioning haveibeenpwnd.com. This is a database of companies and customers of companies that were compromised. Put your email in to see if your account with a company somewhere was ever compromised. Most attacks start at a personal level with a personal email or invite in social media. Even my father had an issue recently. I have been through this with so many people who have asked for help. They get locked out of their email or social media account. Then the attacker uses the account. He collects the contact lists for phone numbers, emails, names, and addresses. Google, Microsoft, Amazon and many of the online systems now take it upon themselves to offer your passwords be saved and synchronized in the browsers. Your credit card payment options also. Does that make you nervous at all? So this attacker who has compromised your account where ever it is and then has access to that too. In the name of convenience and free services you have been destroyed. Then he/she begins to attack the other users and sell the valuable pieces of data he/she is able to gather from whomever he can compromise.

It is important when this happens you get your accounts recovered quickly and establish two factor authentication on all of your online accounts. 2fa is an additional authentication that adds to your username and password. There are several types but the most common is a randomized one time password. It changes about every 30 seconds and it is unique to you, your account, and your present login attempt. This is established within your account and when the first 2fa password is sent as you enable this security feature for the first time. I have 2fa software installed on my phone. It can and should also be installed on a computer or a second device. Authy is a nice application for 2fa. I prefer to use Authy as it is a third party provider. I prefer this instead of a big all in one provider such as google who seems not to care about me anyway. If Authy were too big there are a bunch of smaller providers out there but the provider needs to be accessible by mobile phone and computer and you should establish the same accounts to appear accurately each device so you if for some reason do not have your phone can pull up the two factor software on your second device or vice versa. I have covered a lot of points above. Going into the cloud really is a troubling scenario for someone whos cloud gets compromised. It is a security weakness to be in the cloud because of your lack of control over the resource. The cloud is just someone else’s computer.

Besides money, why is attacking the general public for access to their email and social media accounts so important? This seems to be the biggest problem in technology today. Most of the email we receive is spam. Its entire goal is to compromise your identity. So, what motivates these attacks? I could go on for days about the very many areas of security this touches, all of the vocabulary and the solutions to these things. It would overwhelm you. But I am leaning towards what is termed a nation state hacker.

Before I get into all of that I would like to lay a new perspective at your feet that is outside the box. This touches on my monotheistic view and current societal norms which are present today that oppose the view. It is a perspective that is not popular and in my view it is truth.

Introductions: Who am I?

First about me. My name is Patrick. I understand a great deal about IT. I will never know everything. I am human and I am prone to mistakes. I forget things. I re-learn and learn new details daily. Some things stick. Some things do not. I have been engaged in technology since the 1980’s because my father bought a computer from a cousin of mine. Thank you cousin Karen! That was a lot of fun! All of this has built in me some wisdom. I was one of those people who would take any corporation, government, or individual at face value for exactly how it looked and what they had to say. I was impressionable and very easy to teach, lead, or mislead. That very trusting perspective is the sort of position that is easy to take advantage of.

I have been taken advantage of. We all have. We have been taken advantage of on such a grand scale it is impossible to believe. I am just like everyone of our race and every one of the male gender. I am prone to mistakes and I am imperfect. But I seek the truth and to walk in truth. I do hurt when I see people hurt. I cringe at others misfortune. I want to help. But can I help? How can I help?


I want to briefly touch on the “super natural”. Upon GOD. I am not Jewish. I am not Christian. I am not Catholic. I am not 7th Day Adventist. I am not Calvanist. I am not Hellanistic. I am not Luciferian. I am not a Satanic Worshiper. I am not an Athiest. I am not a Jehovah’s witness. I believe in a single creator of the Earth. The GOD of the trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) one GOD made of three. I believe in the formation of Adam who was made in the likeness of GOD on the 6th day. He was Body, Soul, and Spirit. The fall of Satan. The fall of Adam and Eve. They were eternal but became limited in life. They also lost the Spirit and had to contend for their salvation through observance of GOD’s law. I believe the bible does show us true history that lines up with historical fact outside of its own pages. I believe you can collate the bible from texts that are not a part of the bible because GOD’s holy word is quoted in so many other works all throughout time that it is impossible to erase GOD’s holy word. GOD’s holy word is the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD which is truth.

I believe a power shift took place and removed a great deal of power from satan at the time of Yeshua Hamashiach’s crucifixion. I write the truth I see out of spiritual love for the other human inhabitants of the earth. My goal is to be honest, kind, humble, and to help someone other than myself in everything I do. It is a goal because I am yet a sinful man with a sinful nature and I am given salvation through the Blood of CHRIST. If I fail then I apologize and stick to the high road trying my best. I am completely dependent upon GOD for all things including my very own salvation. My salvation is not because of my works. There is nothing I can do that changes it. It is something I have accepted on FAITH. Also, any good that I have accomplished I credit to GOD in HEAVEN. Without GOD I am nothing. That is who I am.


You are a created by GOD. Yeshua Hamashiach. Yeshua Hamachiach IS the name of the LIVING SON of GOD who is GOD. Hamashiach means to me CHRIST or Savior. He was a Hebrew. I know that GOD chose Israel to be his holy people first with Abraham. Before the Church age they had to atone for their sins through sin offerings by spilling the blood of cattle, goats, lambs, and doves. Those animals sacrificed were to be the without blemish and perfect. After the sacrifices the rest of the animal was burned. No sin offering was eaten. All sin is payable to GOD in HEAVEN by blood. It was considered a blood atonement for sin. The crucifixion of Yeshua Hamashiach ended all animal sin sacrifices and set up a new covenant with YAWEH, GOD in HEAVEN. This began the church age you now live in. Yeshua Hamashiach is GOD in the form of man. He was the final blood sacrifice to atone for our sins. He paid your price. His blood was spilled and it is sufficient to atone for all sins before GOD. He was sinless in life and without blemish. Perfect.

For us today our plight is to gain our salvation by faith in the blood of Yeshuah Hamashiach’s sacrifice for our sins having never seen or witnessed him in person. That is where faith came in. Yeshua said something to this effect to doubting Thomas after the resurrection. Thomas who said he would not believe it until he had put his fingers in the nail holes and thrust his hand into the spear hole in Yeshuas side. He saw and believed without but Yeshua said it would be even more commendable for a future generation like ours to believe without seeing. GOD did this purposefully to separate the wheat from the tares. Reading the KJV1611 you will begin to know him. There are so many who oppose GOD and hate man but proceed in life as though they follow GOD. They serve the devil whether they understand that or not. The devil is a lie. Very tricky, very crafty, and who knew? Our reality has been hacked by the devil.

After the crucifixion of Yeshua Hamachiach, his body was anointed with aloe an myrrh (the weight of which was approximately 100 LBS) and placed in a grave at the base of the Mount Golgotha (place of the skull). I think it is interesting that today they embalm and that all of the funeral homes are owned by the same types of organizations. On the third day GOD rose Yeshua Hamashiach from the dead. He was seen by Mary, Paul and John, Then 11 of the disciples except for doubting Thomas. Then the twelve apostles 8 days later (when Thomas saw and believed) and so many more saw him that it was written and known to all in that time; both in and out of the scripture. At the same time GOD raised Yeshua Hamashiach, he raised many saints who believed on and followed GOD’s law. During the period of about 40 days Yeshua Hamashiach and the saints walked upon the earth again in their glorified bodies. They were then all ascended into the clouds. This was a sign from GOD to the world that he is GOD and all should repent of their sins and follow his ways. Yeshua Hamashiach will be returning and those who have accepted him by faith in his blood in their hearts will be taken up into the clouds with him before the Tribulation which will take place in the 7000 year of the Earth.

The principalities of this world wish to hide the truth of your true nature and identity; you are an eternal soul given a body and with a place for a spirit. Why hide it? Because lucifer is jealous of and had enmity against ADAM on the 6th day of creation. lucifer was the prince of heaven. He was a cherubim. The highest most decorated angel created by GOD in HEAVEN. lucifer, uniquely having the power of free will apart from many other angels, chose for himself to not worship ADAM per GOD’s command. He rejected GOD’s commandment and he rejected all of mankind. lucifer was jealous of ADAM. GOD created ADAM, “In Our Likeness”, which was the likeness of the FATHER, SON, and HOLY SPIRIT (a triune). The likeness of GOD. ADAM was created to be Like GOD. After he was formed GOD commanded all of creation submit to ADAM. He was high priest, governor, and ruler over all. lucifer revolted at this. Upset that GOD would have him, the highest most decorated angel in the heavens bow down to Adam as his superior. He said at the time Adam was inferior. Adam was younger. Adam had part of him made from the dust of the Earth. lucifer was made of fire and spirit. Perhaps Adam by his spirit, was older than lucifer. Perhaps the purpose all of his components was to give him dominion over everything. Over all angels in heaven (fire), things of the sea (water) things of the air (air) things of the earth (dust). Perhaps all angels were intended by GOD to be helpers of mankind. In his pride and jealousy, lucifer had said he would be like GOD and place his throne above GOD. A war in heaven ensued and lucifer lost. His body was broken, he was stripped of his status, and cast from heaven to Earth. A third of the angels in heaven who followed lucifer and fought with him against GOD in heaven lost. They were cast out stripped of their glory, naked and made ugly. They were detestable and fearful to look upon.

This is why in the Garden of Eden satan (so named because of his transgression and fall) possessed a “serpent” so that he could address Eve and tempt her successfully without her fearfully running to safety. The idea of “serpent” may have been an understatement. It flew over the wall and into the Garden to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil having willingly being possessed by satan. The scale of this serpent may not be what you would normally envision but something much larger with wings. Perhaps a dragon. GOD’s word calls it a “serpent” and it was describe as the “most subtle of all the beasts of the field”. The deception took place, Adam and Eve were instructed not to take of the fruit of that tree. But they did. Their countenance was changed. The “serpent” was cursed by GOD also. His countenance changed also. He lost his appendages and was cursed to crawl upon the ground with enmity of his offspring against the woman and her offspring for all time. Adam and Eve’s glorified bodies became as our bodies are now. Instead of that glorified body they had which was fashioned after GOD’s, they became flesh and blood. Their lives became finite and they would surely die as GOD commanded when he told them not to eat of the tree of the knowlege of good and evil. And they did. And we still do now today.

ADAM and EVE were moved out of the garden of the Eden to the East near the greater portion of the Earth where the dust Adam was formed from was. They lived in the cave of treasures upon a mountain. Mount EVE is what it was referred to. They birthed two sons Cain and Abel and several daughters. Cain killed Abel because his SPRING sacrifice to GOD was acceptable and Cain’s was not. Cain had not honored the rules set forth for submitting his sacrifice from the first fruits of his crops that were without blemish. He was cursed by GOD because of his murder of Abel, for he was jealous, and GOD put a mark on Cain so that all men knew to leave him alone or be cursed 7 times worse than he should they kill Cain. Cain in his cursed state left the towards the east of Eden into the land of Nod. In his later days he took up residence in the plains of CAIN beneath the mountain of EVE. Then SETH was born to Adam and Eve. Cain had a son named ENOCH and also set up the city of Enoch in the plains of Cain. satan took up residence in the plain with the children of Cain and gave them many of the things you and I have today. Houses, transportation, agriculture, technology, music, art, weapons, science, astronomy and so many other things. He built a society like ours today. It was said that when they played their music that demons would speak through the instruments and possess their listeners. Being possessed they would dissemble and do all manner of evil.

The Children of Seth residing on Mount Eve did not have the resources of an entire plain for agriculture. GOD provided them trees with fruit enough to sustain them and other relief from heaven. They did not labor for their food. They lived a peaceful Theocratic way of life. Their government was based upon GOD’s law as the lead for their form of Government. Adam was high priest, when he died then Seth was. Upon mount Eve, everyone was sworn not to go down to the people of Cain because there was enmity between them because Cain who killed Abel. GOD prevented all who went down who sinned from ever being able to return back to Mount Eve. The rocks at the base of the mountain would burst into flame and prevent their passage. Slowly over time the children of SETH did go down and sin until at last it was only Methuselah, Noah, his sons and their wives. GOD commanded them not to produce children. But to go down to the plain and set up a habitation. There they spent many years preaching GOD’s word in to the children of cain trying to get them to repent to save the EARTH from destruction. They were not taken seriously and laughed off.

At one point in history after a time that the population of the children of Cain had grown and the Earth was populated, several angels of heaven looked down upon the women of the children of cain and decided to go down and marry and live as gods (lowercase gods) upon the earth. The book of JUDE describes it perfectly. Jude 6, Enoch 6, Revelations 6. Stick to the King James Version please. The book of Enoch is separate from the bible although it is mentioned in Jude. These describe this situation perfectly. Check that out. These angels were 21 in number and each lead 10’s of other angels. They went down onto Mount Hermon and swore mutual imprecations (curses unto one another to kill whoever broke the oath), to marry among the children of men, and to live as lowercase god’s upon the earth. There were 21 leaders of that group of angels. All of these have been mentioned in mythological texts.

The principalities of this day taunt you in movies with this hidden knowledge. They laugh at your lack of knowledge in disrespect towards you. Because they have you enslaved in the societies upon our earth today. You aught to be very angry. If you are among them, you are probably celebrating the speaking of this truth. They encode the Oath Taking and Cursing that took place upon Mount Hermon in all of the Paramount Pictures and Disney movies. At the beginning of these movies you see 21 stars flying one after the other across a body of water and ending in a certain position over a mountain with the most beautiful music in the background. It is presented as a sound and screen test. That is mount Hermon where those angels swore their oaths to one another. The 21 stars represent the leaders of that host of fallen angels. You just were never told what that was about. Now you know. So much happened. There were GIANTS that resulted from those ANGEL / CHILDREN of CAIN marriages that took place and even today there is proof of GIANTS all over the place. Is it intersting that everything GIANT disspears by the hand of the Smithsonian institute? In those days, evil grew to a scale and intensity that was so great that GOD sent a flood and destroyed all life from the face of the Earth. Jack and the bean stalk had its roots in truth. The bible speaks of David and Goliath. Its not a fairy tale. I have proofs of this too which were dug up out of historical documents, newspaper clippings and old photo albums that were recently made public. Yes, there was advanced technology in those days too in photography and airships. Some very nice pictures are available on line if you go looking for them.

The war rages on. lucifer, now referred to as satan or the devil (lsd) still hates mankind. He despises you and I and wants to neglect you of your eternal soul and your everlasting life of salvation. He does not want you to know who you are! He wants to separate you from GOD. He wants to destroy your soul indirectly by causing you to curse yourself to HELL and to die in the Lake of Fire as it is written in the Holy Word of GOD. He has lied and manipulated the societies of this earth for thousands of years to entrap souls. He has you believing you were meant to be flesh and blood and the best way to live is to make money, be rich, and live as a lowercase god here on earth. I did not include any verses. There is a passage near the end of revelations that is quite pointed that the curses in the bible will be added to any man that adds to or takes away from the scriptures. I will point you to KJV and other texts if I get a chance but I do not wish to miss represent, even unknowingly the word of GOD.

Today the war rages on. We are embattled on every front to be lead away from GOD. You have christmas, easter, movies, music, things made with mans hands. Sports, the arts, gymnasiums. All of these things you were told were good may actually not be. All of this was done deceptively by the devil so that you and I are corrupt and unacceptable before GOD. EVEN the means by which salvation is obtained, or its knowlege, is under attack. This is so that no one can find, understand, or believe that it is by FAITH in the BLOOD ATONEMENT of Yeshua Hamashiach for which you are saved from your sins and given eternal salvation. They have changed Yeshua’s name using a J even in the King James Bible.

J does not exist in the Hebrew language.

Yeshua Hamashiach was a HEBREW. Hebrews are Jews, but not all Jews are HEBREW. GODS holy word even exposes that there are many who pretend to be Jewish who secretly worship IDOLS and perform demonic ritual sacrifices openly disrespecting GOD in HEAVEN.

When you are born every aspect of your life gets plugged into a framework that was created to make you a slave to this world and the principalities that control it.

There are voices in the world that tell you the devil’s lies. This is done so well that the lies seem justified. It always tries to suppress the truth and deceive.

I do not speak in anger or hatred or with any agenda except to share and speak truth. Would it be intelligent or even logical to weigh and measure this perspective I bring you? What harm is there to test this out? I will tell you do not trust a man or base any knowledge you are given on a man’s advice. You must READ and STUDY to PROVE yourself a good workman worthy of PRAISE.


I operate this business in supplication to GOD in HEAVEN. YAWEH. But, the IT industry and its technologies are quickly headed towards an entrapment for you in many ways. It bothers me how technology has been used more to control societal norms and to silence the truth. I am and I will continue to be honest about it. The first person to raise red flags about the abuse here was Edward Snowden. Have a look at that guy.

Society today has given us two choices.

  1. Go with what feels good (be as a lower case god). Of course, that hearkens back to lucifers fall and all that seems to be going on these days. lsd is very busy.
  2. Do as GOD would have you do and free yourself of the chains. 1 Corinthians chapter 15

I will use technology the right way. I will do as much with it for GOD as possible.

Ownership of Personally Identifiable Information

Let us consider Facebook. Who owns that? I have heard it said that you get what you pay for. What did you pay for when you signed up for Facebook? Nothing? Did you read that EULA (End User License Agreement) or the TOS (Terms of Service)? Facebook / META owns your content and claims the right to all data on your smartphone. What data?

  1. Location
  2. Texts
  3. Calls
  4. Contacts
  5. Files

Facebook uses your information to market and develop marketing systems that target you for profit. The Facebook / META app can use your bluetooth, wireless, camera, storage and microphone. Facebook can interface with your fitbit because fitbit sends your data to Facebook even if you do not have Facebook installed on your phone. Fitbit is sold as a health tech for your convenience to publish your health metrics publicly. You pay for the device. You register it on their website. You install their application on your phone. They study your health. Things like heart rate, gps location, steps, and o2 saturation. They, google, apple, microsoft and facebook also worked together to screen your COVID19 exposure. Have you ever had a conversation around your phone about something random. An umbrella or something. Then the next thing you know you have received an email about cool umbrellas?

All of the principle technology leaders are in on this marketing technology. Google plays a major role in websites. They have been marketing using their search engine technology. There has been a campaign to educate and indoctrinate developers to include google tracking on all of their pages to track hits and the success of their marketing campaigns. But, this is also used from their end to further track you and your devices across the internet using 3rd party cookies.

There is a global organization that controls the credit card processing technology. Everyone has to register their systems and follow their standards in order to process credit cards. There are annual required certifications that cost 100s of dollars for website owners and businesses alike to have the right to process cards. Additionally, every transaction is taxed at the time of the transaction. These seem innocent enough but I question why a global organization must have this much power. I was actually certified and licensed for a time in the execution of my duties at a local point of sale reseller to perform this testing and to help retailers that business served through the process.

The hidden issue there. All of the credit card transactions went to only a few providers to transact with the banking system. That is a lot of power. At will they can update their policies, charge fees for licensing all areas of this system. They pay nothing and gain the world including your credit card activity. They already have your identity because they own the banks. You have a bank account. What did you share at the bank to open that account?

Where is your email stored? google? yahoo? microsoft? Where is that exactly? In the continental US? Illinois, Texas, Virginia, New York, California, Nevada, In Europe? London England, Rome Italy, or somewhere random? A data connected satellite or cargo container? Who owns the server where that is? A private company, the government, a tributary of a demonic principality?

Do you use android, apple, or a windows mobile smart phone? Who owns them?

Do you buy GAS? Do you buy electricity? What things do you need to live and where do you get them? All technological things depend on some form of power or network. But do you own the network and do you own the power. No? Who does? Because you use that network do you own the data that passes over it. Is your data encrypted?

So when considering the use of technology today to “make a living” you have much to consider. What things do you depend upon. Do you value your privacy? Do you value your freedom of speech? How do you optimize your use of technology and maintain the safety of your data, your customers data, your privacy and your customers privacy?


I use IT for good purposes. I believe that it is best to work hard and be honest. Working with this focus in mind has given me a lot of successes. I hope to help many more people with technology in the future.


I do not share or sell personal data.

I would like your comments on this article. If you do have something to say about it please send it to my email at patrick_barnes@midnighttech.com.


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