Microsoft Edge – Bulletproof?

March 24, 2016

Microsoft Edge is the lightweight browser integrated into windows 10 and the new server 2016 platforms. It is supposed to be fast and bulletproof right?  No. It can be compromised.

I tested a few questionable search sites for non existent hardware drivers to see it would stand up or be hijacked. My test system was a dell laptop running as an administrative user.  It is also loaded with Webroot corporate antivirus. After choosing a site and the suggested driver I viewed the detail webpage and chose to download.  The anticipated popups arrived.  They were peddling an updated media player. I was certain it would deliver a virus.  Alt F4 closed edge. Then I rebooted. When I re-opened edge the popups were back. Webroot did not see a virus because there was none. The point is that edge was altered and the cleanup did require some work. In a future post I will look closer to see what plugins can be used  what approaches to taken to secure edge from the same test. Please leave your comments and questions.