Cleaning up a compromised Edge Browser

The Edge browser is from Microsoft for windows 10 and server 2016. They advertise that it is more secure and that it has improved performance. You can hit the blogs and learn that everyone Edge-Elipsesis having the issues. But what if you do? If your edge browser gets compromised start by going to the top right and hit he ellipsis.Then click the settings



“Choose what to clear”


Now select “show more”


After you show more check all  the boxes and click clear. This will reset everything when your run edge the next time.


You also want to make sure your popup blocker is on. To get there Ellipsis>Settings>View Advanced Settings.


Here is the top half of the advanced settings

edge-advanced-top-halfAnd the bottom half.
edge-advanced-bottom-halfAd the last little bit.


So turn on the popup blocker and make decisions on the rest. Each setting plays a role in the security. I like the default settings.

At this point you still need to restart the edge browser. You cleared everything, and set the popup blocker.  Closing and opening edge will save the settings. It will also indicate if this procedure helped your situation. If you are still having issues contact us. We do provide remote support services by appointment.