Save money at the office and at home on technology expenses

I believe everyone would prefer to save their money if at all possible. Rent based services and products are not smart investments. Examples I can think of are Office 365, web hosting, password vaults, antivirus, virtual fax systems, accounting systems… The list goes on. Over time your expense continues to increase.  If at all possible steer clear of rent.  

  1. Buy office or convert over to open office. It is free and very similar.  Most of your existing documents still work.  With small touches your doc is the way you had it before.  

  2. Talk to your ISP and get a static ip. Then self host your website.

  3. Trend, Comodo and panda all have free antivirus products.  Also keep in mind windows 10 is already protected with windows defender out of the box.

  4. Fax is necessary?  If not get rid of it.

  5. Lots of accounting cloud services are out there these days.  That is a business decision.  For the home buy the software and run it on a computer that has backups.

These seem like common sense ideas.  Those $30/month fees add up over time and multiply per user. Are you really running efficiently?  I hope this helped.

I save people money with the technical service I provide.

  1. I stand behind every hour of labor charged.  If there was an issue because of a mistake or your original issue was not addressed completely the labor warranty goes into effect.  It provides you the labor to work on the problem free up to the hours you have paid for during the last month.  

  2. I do not charge for failure to deliver.

  3. I charge less and will do on site repairs, pickups and deliveries. If you are located over 30 miles from my starting location there is a small $0.55 / mile fee.

  4. No bench fee.  I do not charge to look at your system.  I will evaluate it for free and try to convince you to allow me to help. There is no charge if you just take it back.

I want to be the one to help you next time you have a technology question.  Please set up an appointment with me.

1. Leave a message at: 618 985-5455
2. Send an email to
3. Use the contact form at

Please suggest times after 5pm during the week or anytime during weekends and specify your meeting location.  I will add you to my calendar. Then confirm with you that the appointment is good.

I hope this post finds you in a good place.  I look forward to helping and hope to hear from you soon.