Moved our server platform – again

Our Microsoft trial of server 2016 Beta 2 has ended. Initially we were lead to believe it was an unlimited license by the Microsoft website classification of the beta product and were excited to get moving. After two or three days of configuration a year a go we migrated everything from our trusty server 2003 standard platform on the new beta platform. It seemed very good until a few months ago when logging in it suddenly popped up with a notification that we needed to install a new version of the operating system. That it would be rebooted at random intervals even… Funny Microsoft folks! How kind.

So we have migrated away from all of that and scuttled the server 2014 environment in favor of hosting our website and mail on the windows 10 professional. platform. I am excited to say all is well. Doing this has also saved about 4gb of memory resources that would otherwise have been used by the heavier server platform.

I still feel having a very solid “Private Cloud” is a benefit where performance is concerned. If your on the same network as your mail service it tends to run a lot faster. Same with your website. For those out there in the world our web may be slow. But we do not require a screaming fast website. So having it inside cuts down on external dependencies. I see no reason to change at this point. I will continue saving the money that would have been spent monthly on those types of things and re-invest it into the infrastructure I have built up.

Here is to a good 2017 everyone!