First Baptist Church Website

Time to make some changes. Http:// is going to receive a face lift. I intend on moving it into a worpress format using a reactive template. This means that the same page content will display and conform to any screen on any device. The update is badly needed. The only drawback to the change is that the additional overhead will cause it to load a tad slower.


Update: I have decided to make a wordpress template based upon and purchased template.  The beauty of this is that I will have provided a medium that is also a content management system.  As it is a template I will have complete control over the look and feel of the site so no one can easily break it with a post. I can also omit comments as I have done on my site.  Or atleast, require you have an account that is validated by administration first, before any comment made is posted.

If you have a comment about this please mention it here.