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Mailing Address
Midnight Tech Inc
PO Box 143
Marion IL 62959
Open Hours

5:30 PM to 11:30 PM Monday through Friday

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Saturday



Midnight Tech is a home based Technology Support Company that operates outside of regular business hours. We are a customer service company for everything from simple home technology to enterprise technology needs. For every support request we offer a 15 minute free consultation. This time allows us to look with out a fee (sometimes it goes longer for more complex situations. still free). Then we can intelligently discuss what you need and the costs associated with your needs. We service networks, servers, computers of all types, cell phones, program installations, software and hardware security (viruses, firewall, vpn), operating system repair, data recovery, vpns, databases and the applications that access them, we provide basic programming support, websites and much more. There is no retail trickery or hidden charges because we operate on word of mouth. We want your business and we will do everything we can to meet your needs.


Websites and Marketing

Identity Creation, Branding and Logo Development, Marketing, Letterhead, Envelopes, Business Cards, Vinyl We have resources to pull from even when its way bigger than meets the eye.


Work Smarter not Harder

Don't over think it. If you having an issue let us take a look. The sooner you get fixed the easier things will be going forward. We just want to help by making your tech easy.


A little more history and detail

Midnight Tech Began in 2003 and became an S-Corporation a few years later. Our customers love what we do for them. Our focus has always been to help in the most effective and affordable way possible. We are a small, home based business. It allows us to keep our costs down and provide service at reasonable prices.

Labor Warranty: If we fix a problem that comes back within 30 days and it would have been avoided if we did something better we will apply the labor warranty. The labor warranty provides that we will match the labor initially charged at no additional cost in an attempt to resolve the problem.

NO RETAIL GOUGING: There are people going to Retail Stores with problems these stores are not able to fix. They say, "It cant be fixed but you could buy this...". Regardless of what you say they still charge you for the time they spent on your device.

Midnight Tech will provide that answer FREE OF CHARGE.

Marine Veteran Owned

Here's to all currently serving military and veterans out there. Semper Fi!

There is a special rate for that too when you show a dd214 or other documentation proving your a veteran. Check out