Chip Technology, Cellphone Payment Tech and not getting Hacked.

Chip technology is a passive circuit in a card. It waits to be energized by a signal generated by the pinpad or payment device. Similarly this technology applies with the tap and pay. When the circuit is energized it transmits a response with all of your payment information. Criminal hackers will roam around carrying equipment that energizes and retrieves the payment responses into their databases or record files. Then they can duplicate your chip. So get a wallet or purse or pouch that provides radio frequency and electromagnetic shielding to prevent both the energizing of the chip and the transmission of your information.

Keep in mind, these attacks must take place in very closes proximity.

Also it may be a good idea to put your phone in a similar container. While its in there you may not receive data, texts, however you also will not be susceptible to any sort of attack or reconnoitering.

GPS is also affected. A simple lining of tinfoil does the trick if you do not feel like spending a lot of money. But its not ideal. I recommend looking for an affordable option.