Our Custom Builds Never Die

7 years ago a customer needed help. The system had a bad motherboard. We replaced it with an intel board. We did a backup as always, provided a recovery system and they went away happy like all of our customers do. Since then they have had two upgrades. All the while we maintained their desktop settings and files where they were. Never losing a single byte of data. We use quality motherboards from Intel. At that time we were still an Intel Provider. Now Intel has moved its operations into NUC systems, Servers and some mobile platforms. They no longer offer desktop motherboards. Yet, the systems we installed are still out there and we support them.

This customer’s system came in not posting or booting up. They pressed the power, the fans came on but it would not boot the operating system. Once we had it in our office we did the usual quick checks with memory and power. When these did not work we took the motherboard out of the case. The case was blown out with compressor air, the standoffs checked and tightened. The power supply was blown out and tested. The motherboard passed the bench test. After re-assembly we checked the operating system for security and performance issues. After modifying a few startup items to make it boot to the desktop more quickly we tested and delivered the system at no extra charge.

Interestingly, this customer runs windows vista. It was an upgrade from windows xp,  which was an upgrade from windows 98. I do expect they will want to move on to windows 10 and a newer system when this one gets too old? 3 more years? For that matter, my mother in law also has an intel build. She will not give up windows xp. It still runs like a top. Verified still running on 2/18/17.


Another Happy Customer!

In a previous post I mentioned a customer with a Dell Mini Net Book that needed a virus removed.  That work was completed on Wednesday as planned.  Thursday I delivered to the customer.  It was a 36 mile ride to a farm setting.  They were lucky and did have high speed internet.

I always like to take my work in and talk through the problem, the repair, and what to do in the future.  A quality control thing is also making sure while I am there that they are oneline and can use their printer – etc.

I went to go onine and the wireless prompted for a key.  He did not know it so I got on his desktop system and logged into the Belkin router to extract the information. Things went very well I was done in about 10 minutes.

As I was leaving he shared with me the store on all of the cats roaming around.  I got the low down!  Don’t get me wrong though.  His home was clean and there was no signs of pets in the place.  But when you walk outside there were 6 young ones and 3 or 4 adults.  He recently retired and moved to the place.  When he and his wife arrived there were no cats.  After a week or so a stray came onto the property and they fed it.  She had 2 kittens.  One did not make it.  The other one just had a litter of 7 one was still born.  He said that there is a veterinary clinic close by that will have summer workers from the university.  He intends on taking all of the young cats and having them neutered.  The students charge $20 each which is a good deal.  And if you ask me a very good idea!