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Revised 6/14/22 Website clients need to represent themselves to the world by displaying what they do in a clear concise manner that is kind on the eyes. It should present well on a phone, tablet and computer. It must be secure, easy to read, simple to navigate, and offer easy methods for the visitor to […]

Hacks, Attacks, and your VOICE

Online CRIMINAL activity? What is going on these days with spam, email and social media profile hijacking? Why is this such a thing? For a business this is a big deal! I keep mentioning haveibeenpwnd.com. This is a database of companies and customers of companies that were compromised. Put your email in to see if […]


US Mobile is quite possibly a cell phone provider you should avoid. In this post I will share the debacle I have experienced in seeking better phone service as I sought to move away from Straight Talk Wireless. US Mobile felt it was more profitable to charge me a restocking fee and use up hours […]

Phone Greeting

A lot of time goes into the little things. Yesterday I discovered that the voicemail was not working correctly. I have that remedied. Half the voicemail was going where it should. The rest was going into the ether to seemingly be lost forever and hidden. It is one of those subtle issues. Someone would say, […]

Enjoying the work

Just love getting out and seeing the sky.

Graphic Sign Design for the Car!

I have been waiting for a nice break in the weather. Now, I cant help the dents and paint issues at the moment. Here is what it might look like on a really good day. Here is a look at the sign mock up.

Power Cord Policy

I do not need any power cords from you most times unless you have a laptop or device that has a cord with a power brick / dc power converter inside of it.

Privacy and Data Security

Windows 11 has simplified your desktop operating environment giving you less control over windows updates choices and delivery, and control over privacy settings. By default they turn everything on and try to get you to accept cloud services that you may not need. They have programs they include as defaults in the home and pro […]

2021: Privacy and Computing

A few years ago I was reviewing Trend Micro’s antivirus platform. One of the great features of that platform was a social media privacy sweep. I thought that was great because it looked to see if the general public outside of those we choose as friends could see our personal information of various types. The […]

Windows 10 Build 2004 – My Take – Not good!

Windows 10 a great platform that is designed to push marketing to the user of the operating system. If you are into cloud applications for your files, email, calendar, contacts and other things you will find it is built in. These options are nearly impossible to avoid. EG. I can use automated tools to clean […]


Well. Not a lot looks different here. But on the back end of things we have a new operating system, and current versions of IIS 10, sql, mysql, perl, and PHP.

Chip Technology, Cellphone Payment Tech and not getting Hacked.

Chip technology is a passive circuit in a card. It waits to be energized by a signal generated by the pinpad or payment device. Similarly this technology applies with the tap and pay. When the circuit is energized it transmits a response with all of your payment information. Criminal hackers will roam around carrying equipment […]

Really OLD Tech and Kids

Check out these reactions coming from school age children.

Hackers and how they compromise their targets today.

This is a good read. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/infiltrating-networks-easier-than-ever-due-to-evil-markets/

Changes in 2020

I moved my private office to Marion. I am enjoying the new space. Marion appears to have more reliable internet, water, power, roads and is right by the interstate. Already it has been a busy year with a HP aio, wiring job at a school, and a few smaller calls for printers and of upgrades. […]

Foreign Ransomware Attacks

This year has been big. The attackers are gaining access email accounts and collecting information on what you prefer to look at, purchase, and do. They are not stealing credit card information. Instead, they get a very good idea about who you are, who you email, and what about. Then they deliver a message that […]

Technology is Beautiful

  Albert Einstein: “Computers are incredibly fast, accurate, and stupid. Human beings are incredibly slow, inaccurate, and brilliant. Together they are powerful beyond imagination. ” See it from my point of view.  Who can’t love something like this?  Love what you do, never work a day in your life.

Mobile Vs. Reactive

I decided to go ahead and change the website template again. Recently I mentioned that I added a mobile interface. That was not a lot of work and it was just an adjustment to keep the site functioning.  People are doing way more on their phones these days. I wanted the main website to work […]

Secure your technology.

Staying on top of security is not good enough these days. Phishing, deceptive online marketing, and social engineering attacks are on the rise. Protect yourselves. Keep all of your devices patched and current, make sure you have antivirus and verify that it is updating. Get a backup routine in place. Review your social network account(s) […]

Website Modification Made – Is your site mobile ready?

I spent about 2 hours and easily made my site mobile compliant. A little tweaking is still needed on the menu for the mobile site. I want to spend some time and make that more reactive. This is another big win. I learned that google is now basing some of its search rankings based upon your […]

Is your Mail Server Still Getting Spam?

[SMTP Error] 554 5.7.1 Blocked IP-Country XX (YYYYY UNICOM ZZZZZZZ) . Previously I picked on one area of the world and decided to retract this because in all reality, spam comes from everywhere including inside the US. It’s like mold or cancer. It moves around and spreads. But now there is a cure. I am […]

God Bless You – Happy Holidays

I am wishing everyone a happy healthy holiday season from my family to yours. God bless you, Buh ti žehnej, Gud velsign dig, God zegen u, Jumala siunaa, Dieu vous bénit, Gott segnen sie, Allah ya sa muku albarka, Isten áldjon, Dio la benedice, Gud velsign deg, Bóg blogoslawil pan, O deus abençoa, Dumnezeu sa […]

Save money at the office and at home on technology expenses

I believe everyone would prefer to save their money if at all possible. Rent based services and products are not smart investments. Examples I can think of are Office 365, web hosting, password vaults, antivirus, virtual fax systems, accounting systems… The list goes on. Over time your expense continues to increase.  If at all possible […]

Screen Repairs on all mobile devices, laptops, tablets, and touch screens.

Did you drop your device and break the screen? We will fix that for you charging only the cost for components and 1 hour of labor. Most phones cost over $400 when you buy them new. Some used are easily close to that figure. The repairs can be done for between $100 – $250 depending on your device because. The price […]


We have successfully moved to server 2016 and migrated our website and blog. There are more posts to come.  The mass of silence was due to a busy year and lots of changes. We look forward to a very active 2016. Your questions and comments are requested.

The Low Cost of Tech Support

Pay less and get more for your dollar. We guarantee the work for 30 days. We come to your home or business at a time you choose. We look forward to helping you out! Set up an appointment today. Posted from WordPress for Android

A year in review

I have maintained a lot of business this year all in the face of new and abounding opportunities for growth. It has been busy and exciting. For those of you I did help maybe I will hear back in a few years? It seems odd to say that. I have noticed that I don’t hear […]

Permanent Mail Rejection List for 5/12

All spam comes from some where.  If you have access to the servers logs you can identify exactly where. If you do not I can set you up so that you do.  The phrase, “Knowing is half the battle”, rings true here. Of the many subnets below 3 are from the US.  I can get more into […]

Administrators View of Spam

The actual definition of spam (electronic) by wikipedia: “Spam is the use of electronic messaging systems to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately. While the most widely recognized form of spam is e-mail spam, the term is applied to similar abuses in other media: instant messaging spam, Usenet newsgroup spam, Web search engine spam, spam in […]

Spoof from USPS

Spam is a huge issue these days and is fully intended to either plant a virus on your computer to get information (personal and financial) or to get you to click a link (known as phishing) to get your information. Here is a text example of such an email that was just reported to me.  […]

We Joined Facebook!

There is always something to fix and we are very good at it!  A lot of times these repairs can be avoided through the use of a good antivirus.  This year we will be using a new antivirus solution because it comes with 24/7 remote assistance and a “no repair” guarantee. Check out our facebook page to learn more! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Midnight-Tech-Inc/159564304159922  

Drive By Banner ads – attacking your kids?

Here’s an article you need to read.  Check out the link below and please take the appropriate steps to protect your kids and the computers they are using. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/46006001/ns/technology_and_science-security/deck/msn

The Human Threat? Social Engineering

Kevin Mitnick  wrote the book, Ghost In the Wires. I purchased it in audio format and recently finished listening to it. He was very good at Social Engineering but ended up in prison for it. In his book he tells about how he used social engineering to hack telephone companies switchboards  and other systems to get what he […]


So I found a few comment entries on the blog being posted over the last few days that were spam. Go Figure. It appears that someone with international leverage of resources had found a way to get past the CAPTCHA and decided to pick on my server. So I have blocked those country subnets from […]

Virus Trivia

Now can you guess who we are going to be partnering with in the very near future to provide you with the most affordable, best performing antivirus solution?

A couple new features

I was looking around and decided to add a share link and a voting link.  I am trying to get more traffic so please comment on everything.  Don’t be forgiving.  Just put it out there.  If it creates an issue I will “adjust” the comment …  like this … but, I will be sure to […]

Slow Credit Card Processing Problem Back!

Wednesday at 6PM the store owner called me to to report that credit cards were taking 2 minutes to process again.  I went over to verify that and look things over for an easy solution.  Just as before nothing on site is to blame. This time around I am going to get the store a […]

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