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8 replies on “Customer Reviews”

I have always been technologically challenged.
Patrick has always responded quickly, showed me how to fix things in the future and has always been fair in his pricing.
I highly recommend Midnight Tech!

Patrick does an excellent job, and is very professional. His turnaround time is quick as well. Highly recommended!

When I have a computer problem, I call Patrick. He always knows what to do and provides great service. Furthermore, he is a conscientious, trustworthy, reliable, and pleasant person who goes out of his way be helpful. I recommend him highly.

Patrick has been our service tech. for several years. He is prompt, courteous and extremely knowledgeable. I am also comfortable with his prices. He has never failed to repair my computer.
I would highly recommend him.

The new computer you built is fantastic. You asked me what I do with the computer and how I did them, etc.

You built a computer which does exactly what I need and wanted.

Your professional approach and knowledge far surpasses the “run of the mill” so called computer techs “out there” who can only deal with superficial issues.

Thank you.

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