CLOUD “Email, Social Media, Hosting, and Applications” all have a drawback…

Just because its free does not mean it is good for you. I remember the saying, “You get what you pay for.” What is the Cloud? Cloud is the term that describes a server somewhere out on the internet that you do not own. You may rent access to it but you do not own […]

Power Outage

Perhaps, all technology that you use depends on power provided to you by your utility provider. Storing energy is not enough. You need to replenish the energy that is used in order to have energy to use. Where do you get energy from? How do you store it? What do you depend on that requires […]

Marketing all goes back to LOGO

Everything about identity creation leads back to a logo. We do not think about it’s importance and many take a logo for granted. My last logo was created by JAC out of Marion IL a very long time ago. It was a great design and has served very well. Impressive work. During these many years […]

Our online store is nearly complete!

UPDATE 8/12/22 The store is up and running with nice looking emails bearing the logo and QR code. Invoices and Receipts also bear these. I am very happy to get this completed. Now I will be touching base with suppliers and updating products. I have a good system in place but the weak part is […]

First Baptist Church Website

Time to make some changes. Http:// is going to receive a face lift. I intend on moving it into a worpress format using a reactive template. This means that the same page content will display and conform to any screen on any device. The update is badly needed. The only drawback to the change is […]

Mobile Vs. Reactive

I decided to go ahead and change the website template again. Recently I mentioned that I added a mobile interface. That was not a lot of work and it was just an adjustment to keep the site functioning.  People are doing way more on their phones these days. I wanted the main website to work […]

A good start to 2018

Yesterday I picked up a system with a bad hard drive at 6pm just after it was called in. It was fixed and delivered today by 5pm with an incremental backup system.  I also have a website preview done for an important customer.  I am also planning two more websites. I am so excited to […]

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