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Revised 6/14/22

Website clients need to represent themselves to the world by displaying what they do in a clear concise manner that is kind on the eyes. It should present well on a phone, tablet and computer. It must be secure, easy to read, simple to navigate, and offer easy methods for the visitor to make contact.

I was recently given the opportunity to help a client with their website. I did an in depth review of their site. It was a beautiful website. I put together a booklet and scheduled a meeting with the client to get their direction on a few things. The client had several changes to make.

I created a development plan with the notes from the meeting. Upon completion of the development plan I did another review. I believe the website is greatly improved and it meets the clients requests. I have all hopes that they are happy.

I do love website development. I am not entirely sold on using blog engines as websites. I am not a big fan of commercialized online website builder systems either. I do feel that WordPress sites are nice because they have built in editing tools that making it easy to add and modify content. There are also now lots of applications designed to run on WordPress for whatever need you have. The problem I see with blog engines as websites is the security. Blog engines are given as is. There are things in a blog engine that make it tick. Things that can be attacked.

A quick story on that. I once had a client go to another developer who gave them a WordPress site and it was quickly hacked. The attacker planted a virus using a script that would run on everyone’s browser when they visited the site.

Most of these things are avoidable if you turn off comments and use captcha on important forms. The convenience of a graphical editor in blog engines is the main attraction for many people. There are also a great many templates and applications for various purposes.

Word press is just one blog engine. There are many and all of them have a similar function and purpose. I feel that WordPress sites are the most popular and widely used out there. But things are changing. Blog engines are susceptible to attack if their forms are not managed properly. They also have management scripts that are attacked quite often.

This blog you are reading now is a self hosted instance of the WordPress blog engine. WordPress runs on PHP and uses the MYSQL database. PHP comes built in on most Linux operating systems as a feature. Since we are running on windows I was able to find PHP and MySQL to be installed on windows. Interestingly, Linux supports .NET framework making it possible to host windows stye applications on linux. You can go either way.

IIS has something called the Razor Engine. It has a templating feature. Templates allow for better uniformity throughout a website. The Razor templates accept programming. Razor also provides an identity management system that can be tied to an active directory server.

Learning to write websites and applications is easy. No I do not feel you need to go get a college course. With the blog engines out there you are not necessary needing to learn programming and databases. You can accomplish it all if you are willing to accept the program, template, and application that you find.

What do you want to build today?

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