The Human Threat? Social Engineering

Kevin Mitnick  wrote the book, Ghost In the Wires. I purchased it in audio format and recently finished listening to it. He was very good at Social Engineering but ended up in prison for it. In his book he tells about how he used social engineering to hack telephone companies switchboards  and other systems to get what he was after. Social engineering is a tool used by hackers and others to get something from you that you would not normally give. It is a really dangerous tool when someone very skilled uses it. Even scarier, a majority of people would never suspect it. They just roll over and give up whatever information or thing is asked of them. This article explains the concept of social engineering and how it is being used to steal identities – and so much more. To be able to protect yourself or your business from the social engineering approach you first need to understand it. This article does a really great job.

Spiceworks on Social Engineering