Is your Mail Server Still Getting Spam?

[SMTP Error] 554 5.7.1 Blocked IP-Country XX (YYYYY UNICOM ZZZZZZZ) .

Previously I picked on one area of the world and decided to retract this because in all reality, spam comes from everywhere including inside the US. It’s like mold or cancer. It moves around and spreads. But now there is a cure.

I am not receiving any more spam, thank goodness! “They” are still trying to send it. Everyone has an Idea about what spam is. I had a look at the items being blocked and found that 95% of mail that is sent toward our mail server was an attempt to deliver malicious content intended to compromise our systems. Each peice of spam is an attempts to plant malware. Despite all of this it appears that the only mail I receive now is valid mail originating from inside the U.S.

This is one of those moments when you have accomplished something huge that no one else really knows or wants to know about. It also means that if I can prevent 95% of truly malicious spam from reaching the servers here, I can accomplish it for your business as well. That is a huge win because I like helping out!

I have been running mail servers since 2003 when we opened this business. I have administered mail servers for several organizations along the way but I always come back to my own server with a sense of pride. I have the cost way down on the spam filtration. It costs nothing to maintain once it is in place as it does not use any third party service that charges. No office365 or google office accounts. No spamassasin or other spam filtration services. To clarify, there are a huge groups of individuals that actually donate their efforts to identify catalog and block spam from servers that should not have sent it. I do hope I can use my knowledge at some point to lower your mail service costs, reduce your spam intake, and further secure your Information Technology Infrastructure. Businesses are busy enough. Information overload is a common problem for people running businesses everywhere.  Why not isolate all of that to non spam items. Having a clearer view of your inbox is a great way to start.